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Having a team with the required expertise to execute projects, is critical to achieving success. Our multi-disciplinary team of professionals has strong backgrounds in the aviation, healthcare, wildlife tourism, corporate and organisational safety arenas and offers over 100 years of combined experience in human factors training and safety management in high-risk domains.




Neil is a Human Factors and Safety Management Systems specialist and has more than 30 years of Aviation experience working in a variety of senior roles, as an experienced International Airline Captain. 
He is a Senior Associate at GoCrisis (UK) and specializes in human factors, resilience engineering, risk analysis, and Enterprise Risk Management. Neil has been instrumental in developing Non-Technical skills programs for leaders as well as frontline operators across high-risk Industries.
Neil journeyed from the financial markets as an Equity Trader for DBH/Merill Lynch into pioneering early Wildlife Tourism Air operations as Chief Pilot for Conservation Corporation in the early nineties. He innovated Human Factors Integrations implementations across various industries including, hospitality, wildlife tourism, and aviation.



Michael worked for Anglo American as a corporate pilot before joining South African Airways. He spent 25 years as a long-range pilot ending his career as a Senior Captain on the Airbus A340 fleet. As an airline pilot, he had many opportunities to observe, experience, and interact with people, resulting in acquiring the social and cognitive skills required to operate in a highly skilled high-risk environment. He has used these transferable skills to train other people working in high-risk industries in effective leadership, complex problem solving, decision making, teamwork, communication, stress, and fatigue management. Throughout his airline years, he has had exposure to human factors, safety science, and risk management and participated as a LOSA auditor. He has an avid interest in finance, business management, and how start-up businesses grow to realise their full potential.

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Cobus Toerien is the Chairman of the Accident Analysis and Prevention Committee of AVPA-SA (Aviation Professional Association) and is an IFALPA (International Federation of Airline Pilots) accredited Aircraft Accident Investigator, advising on Safety Management and Human Factors. He graduated from the South African Military Academy with a BMil degree and, after completing four operational tours on Impala and Mirage type aircraft, served as the Officer Commanding of 2 Squadron - The Flying Cheetahs - flying Cheetah aircraft for 5 years. In 1999, Cobus joined a large international airline as an Aircraft Accident Investigator, before heading up the department as the Flight Safety Manager. Cobus has flown Boeing and Airbus aircraft globally during his tenure at the airline and has facilitated CRM and Human Factors courses over the last two decades. Cobus brings this wealth of knowledge and skills to the Human Factor Hub..

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Matita has been working in the aviation sector for twenty (20) years. He held different positions in Operations, HR and Safety departments. He is a registered Industrial Psychologist with the Health Profession Council of South Africa (HPCSA) - since 2013. Matita is also registered as a Human Factors Specialist and Aviation Psychologist with the European Association for Aviation Psychology (EAAP) since 2012 and 2016 respectively. His interest is in Organisational Development, Systems Thinking, Complexity/Chaos theory and Cognitive Psychology. He is also a Coach and a Change Management consultant.



JC is Human Factors and Airline Training Specialist. After completing an Industrial and Organizational Psychology degree at Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University, he returned to his native country Namibia where he held various positions in the aviation and the tourist industry. He continued his airline career with Singapore Airlines and then with Jetstar, a subsidiary of Qantas where he held the position of Human Factors Manager and Flight Instructor. He stayed connected to the tourism and safari industry whilst abroad by managing a Safari Consultancy agency assisting Asian travelers with their safari itinerary to Southern Africa.

As a result of being based in Asia for 16 yrs in a company with 42 different nationalities, JC brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in a cross-cultural working environment to assist in developing non-technical skills in high-risk environments.

His experience in Evidence-Based Training programs is a passion he uses to assist in developing training systems in organisations. His experience has been cultivated by the responsibilities of managing dynamic teams in complex environments.




Malora has more than 20 years of experience living, working, and traveling in remote wilderness environments in Africa. She was the managing director, for an independent company that provided risk and assistance services to a host of tourism and safari operators across Africa. Her work experience has incorporated several industry sectors such as insurance, aviation, medicine as well as conservation. Her journey and experience have evolved her passion for adopting a variety of human factor disciplines to advance effective risk management in industries operating in geographically dispersed and remote contexts. Malora has completed an M.Com degree in Applied Risk Management, and she’s currently working on a Ph.D. in behavioural decision-making under uncertainty with Erasmus University, Rotterdam. She holds an Honours degree in Psychology and a Diploma in organisational change management. She is a registered Trauma Counsellor with the Health Professions Council of South Africa (HPCSA).




Tony has 37 years of experience in the Aviation industry. He started his career in the South African Air Force where, in addition to 10 years of flying, he completed an Accident Investigation course, held the role of Flight Safety Officer for 8 years – later becoming a Flight Safety Coordinator – and fulfilled a PR Role.

He then started his commercial Airline career at Comair, later moving to South African Airways where he served as a PR Director and general Exco member for ALPA-SA for 3 years respectively. In the latter role, Tony helped to establish the Critical Incident Response Programme (CIRP).

From there he relocated to the Middle East where he flew B777 Aircraft on a worldwide network at Emirates Airline for over 19 years, gaining extensive insight into the human aspects of managing a modern multi-cultural airline in a complex network and environment. He was part of the Peer Support team for 15 years and was a Human Factors Instructor for 4 years. Tony has applied his knowledge and experience into his love of the wildlife industry by helping in the development and ongoing implementation of the Safari Safety System

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Mark started his career as a cadet in the Bristow Helicopters in 1980. In his 19 years with Bristow, he operated in Asia, Africa and Europe. This covered offshore, onshore, public transport, HELSO and SAR operations. During this time, he qualified as a UK CAA examiner on the Bell 212 and a CRM facilitator. British Midland offered a new career on the Airbus 320 series of aircraft. This then provided an opportunity to join Emirates Airline in Dubai operating the Airbus 330, 340 and 380 on their global network, both as a Type Rating Instructor and CRM facilitator. To bolster his academic profile, Mark undertook a MSc in Air Safety Management with The City University, London. Mark moved to the ground in Emirates, firstly as a Human Factors Specialist and then as a Flight Safety Manager. While at Emirates, Mark was a key contributor to the research and development of an eye tracking capability within the simulator training environment. Having returned to the UK, Mark is now living in Scotland and is the author of several journal and periodical articles and is named in two US and EU patents relating to the use of mid-fidelity simulation training of airline pilots.




After obtaining her BA degree from the University of Cape Town, Anthea took up a managerial position in a prestigious flora export business in the Western Cape. She subsequently pursued her love for aviation and graduated as a commercial pilot serving distinguished careers both at SA Express and SAA. Anthea's interest in human factors was augmented by her time as a simulator flight instructor on the Airbus A320 while living in Singapore where she conducted CBT-A training & assessment on Type Rating & MCC courses for CAE/AACE. Anthea is an accomplished CRM trainer & contributes a wealth of experience to the Human Factor hub.

Anthea is currently pursuing a diploma in Natural Health Nutrition whilst keeping her flying career active in Cape Town.  

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