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The Human Factor Hub transforms safety management into rapid learning and high performance for high-risk industries. We bridge the gap between work as done and work as imagined by integrating the latest in human factors and safety science. This ensures your frontline remembers to do the right thing when it matters the most and provides measurable Risk & Business Intelligence to improve the business's bottom line.



Unlock enhanced performance and safety in wildlife professions with our Non-Technical Skills training. Tailored for guides and rangers, our programs boost reliability and guest experiences. The Safari Safety System (SSS) mitigates risks, offering financial and innovative advantages for operators. Rooted in resilience engineering, our approach extends to asset protection, biodiversity management, and emergency response, encapsulating a holistic safety and operational excellence ecosystem.


Embark on a journey of elevated aviation safety and efficiency with our expert Aviation Consultants. Our multifaceted skills encompass Crew Resource Management (CRM) and Evidence-Based Training (EBT), tailored to enhance operational standards and safety protocols. We specialize in CRM policy consulting, enriched with human factors insights, and EBT program development, ensuring your team is equipped with pragmatic and profound skills. Our expertise extends to strategic aviation personnel recruitment and meticulous accident investigation. Join us, where innovation meets safety, and operational excellence becomes a standard.



Discover a world where safety and efficiency converge. We are your go-to experts for unparalleled human factors and safety management solutions tailored explicitly for Trackless Mobile Machinery (TMM) operations in the mining sector. Our team of specialist SMEs and investigators are not just professionals; they are maestros who blend modern safety science and an understanding to transform mining operations into bastions of safety and efficiency. At the heart of our approach is a deep-rooted commitment to human-centric solutions. We weave this principle into every technology integration, ensuring that they are intuitive and user-friendly. Our expertise extends to human recruitment processes; infusing training, and assessment processes to ensure that every team member is a custodian of safety and efficiency. Dive into a partnership with us, and let's co-create mining environments where safety is inherent, and efficiency is instinctive.


Our Medical Teams Training (MTT) program elevates the expertise of healthcare professionals in critical care and clinical environments with targeted Non-Technical skills training. We're pioneers in instilling generative safety and cultural values, with a special focus on bolstering patient safety. Dive into human factors with our incident investigation training and master the application of clinical checklists in theatre settings. We’re not just trainers, but partners in your journey to delivering exemplary care. Your passion for healthcare excellence meets our dedication to empowering you with the skills and insights you need. Let’s collaborate to set new benchmarks in patient safety and care quality.


“ To have these skills so clearly unpacked and trained in such an experiential way is revolutionary for our Industry. This will result in a much safer and heightened  guest experience

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Mike Nagel (Head Guide Gondwana Game Reserve)

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