The Human Factor Hub’s system transforms safety management into rapid learning and high performance for high-risk industries. We bridge the gap between work as done and work as imagined by integrating the latest in human factors and safety science. This ensures your frontline remembers to do the right thing when it matters the most and provides measurable Risk & Business Intelligence to improve the business's bottom line.



We offer Non-Technical skills training programs for wildlife professionals, such as guides and rangers improving human performance reliability and guest experience in the field.

Our unique Safari Safety System (SSS), reduces the likelihood of risk events, unlocking financial benefits for operators whilst stimulating innovation and productivity.

This continual improvement model of "resilience engineering" offers added use cases such as tactical asset protection, biodiversity management, vehicle asset management, and emergency response capability.



We develop human factors training programs including; Crew Resource Management (CRM) training, Evidence-Based Training (EBT) instructor, and safety management training. We consult on CRM policy, human factors in incident/accident investigations, and EBT program development. We offer specialist aviation safety and risk management analysis and assessments.



We offer Non-Technical skills training for health care professionals in critical care and clinical settings through our Medical Teams Training (MTT) program.
We specialise in generative safety culture values and enhancing patient safety through our human factors in incident investigation training.


“ To have these skills so clearly unpacked and trained in such an experiential way is revolutionary for our Industry. This will result in a much safer and heightened  guest experience

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                             - Mike Nagel (Head Guide Gondwana Game Reserve)